• Sale of all city tickets in one place
  • E-government functions
  • Ease of use thanks to beacon localization (e.g., no need to enter the side number of the vehicle)
  • Personalization – shortcuts to selected functions
  • Multilingualism
  • City guide, events calendar
  • Reporting hazards/problems
  • City store
  • Multifunctionality, sale of all types of tickets (e.g., public transport, parking, zoos, swimming pools, other city services)
  • Energy independence – own power supply: battery with solar system
  • Cash payment (change given), credit cards
  • Mounted beacon – information for the mobile application regarding the parking zone
  • Recording of each transaction online, reports available in real-time
  • Complete ticket sales system with minimization of equipment, systems
  • Reduction of overall system costs and operational costs
  • Increased user convenience
  • Optimization of device availability for users
  • Improvement in the quality of service for residents and tourists
  • Increased availability of city services

System Components

Our innovative system is a combination of advanced technologies and practical solutions, created to facilitate and improve everyday urban mobility and services management. Each system component is carefully designed to ensure maximum efficiency, safety, and convenience for both users and city operators.

System Backend

Our backend is the core of the system, ensuring safe and rapid data processing. Designed with reliability in mind, it offers scalability to meet the growing needs of any city. Data and transaction security is our priority, ensuring that the system is not only efficient but also secure.

User Application

The application is the communication hub with residents. Thanks to its intuitive interface, personalization, and multilingualism, it provides users with easy access to ticket purchases and city information. Users can also directly report problems, significantly facilitating interaction with the city office.

Multifunctional Ticket Machine

Ticket machines are more than just ticket vending machines. They are energy independent thanks to solar systems, accept cash and card payments, and also inform the mobile app about parking zones. They are an ideal solution for a modern city.

Ticket Machine / Validator in Vehicles

In public transport vehicles, you will find easy-to-use ticket machines and validators. The speed of transaction processing and availability in every vehicle guarantee convenience for users.


Beacons are an innovation that facilitates location and navigation in the city. Working in conjunction with the mobile app, they offer users intuitive information about their surroundings, making it easier to navigate the city.


Our offer includes flexible solutions tailored to the different needs and budgets of cities. Whether you are looking for a financial model that allows for sharing risk and profits, or you prefer full control over the system for a one-time fee, we have options suited to your requirements. Our goal is to ensure maximum convenience and efficiency for both cities and their residents, while securing lasting value and reliability of the system.

Operator Variant

We offer an attractive business model based on a percentage share of ticket sales. This solution minimizes initial costs for the city while providing continuous income for us as the system provider. We are motivated to keep the system always at the highest level.

One-Time Fee

For cities preferring full control over the system, we offer a one-time fee option. This is an ideal solution for those who want to avoid long-term financial commitments and tailor the system to individual needs.


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